Thanksgiving Prayer of Gratitude

Thank you, Creator of the Universe, for the people gathered around us as we celebrate and give thanks.
We give thanks for the things of the earth that give us the means of life.
Thank you for the plants, animals, and birds that we use for food, medicine and in which we find beauty.

Thank you for the resources we have to create clothing and shelter. Keep us mindful of those around the world and in our backyard who do not have these resources in adequate supply. 
Keep us mindful of those who do not have the resources and gifts of education that many of us have benefited from. May education truly reflect the lives of all of us and not just a few.

Help us to not squander or waste what we have, but to encourage the distribution of these gifts of life to all regardless of race, religion, sex, gender identity or economic status.

May we be mindful that the holiday of Thanksgiving is offensive to some who feel they have been left out in a true way of our national history and stories. We are indebted to our Native American Sisters and Brothers for the rich stories they bring now and have left our nation. May we address and repair the injustices done to these communities.

May we be mindful of the injustices this nation has inflicted upon and continues to perpetuate upon our African American Brothers and Sisters. We are indebted to these members of our national heritage for the richness of their presence today and through the centuries. Much of our nation was built with the sweat and tears of slaves.

May we be mindful of those in our nation who live in rural America, many of whom suffer from lack of educational opportunities, not being connected to the internet (now a necessity and not a luxury), who lack employment prospects and who are trapped in a past culture which honors those who enslaved millions. May they find ways to escape that trap and find the rich parts of their heritage to honor which is life enhancing.

May we respect all life, for You are the Creator of all we see, hear, touch, taste and smell. Help us to be mindful that your Heart lies within each of us. We are all connected.

May our spirits be strengthened by using only what we need, and may we use the courage of our hearts and faith to help those who are not as fortunate as we are.

May we not live in fear of those who have opposing political viewpoints. May we speak out with kind words, but firm words to ensure that our democracy will continue to flourish and set an example to the world that we are truly a nation of justice for all.

For with You, our Creator and Guide is the source of life. In Your light we see the light that shines within each of us. May we gather this light for all to see and be touched and transformed.

With deep gratitude we are Yours,
Amen.  (Let it be so.)

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