Sharing Life

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Greetings all! Happy New Year.

I enjoy the out doors. My wife Alessandra and I recently purchased a new home in Culpeper County, Virginia upon my retirement from the ministry in the United Methodist Church. We have 4 acres (mostly wooded) of property. We look forward to exploring. When we purchased the property it reminded me of a walk I took at a retreat at Bon Secour in Maryland.

There was a path – wide at this end and then dropped easily down a slope and became narrower at the bottom. There was a small glade with log benches formed in a circle. I sat in silent wonder and awe for some time. As I moved along the path I stopped, my way blocked by a leaf that was hanging right in front of me. It was hanging from a near invisible thread – six or more feet long clinging to two trees on the path. Just hanging there, slowly swaying with the natural rhythm of the woods.

Was I going to be a predator, the disrupter of this natural phenomenon? Or would I find a way to proceed on my walk under, over or around? Certainly not over as the shining thread of the spider web was at eye level. I chose to go around – off the path. There I was able to see more of the web and the spider that had created it! The sun highlighted more of the structure of the web – intricate, shimmering with the sun’s rays.

I again found myself on the path. I looked back at the hanging leaf, slightly moving leaf – hanging as if in mid-air. Dancing, speaking to me in leaf language. I greeted the leaf once more and the maker of the threaded web and moved forward to witness other mysteries.

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2 thoughts on “Sharing Life

  1. Good morning Bruce,
    Thankyou for sharing part of your life with us.
    You were blessed when You married Ale, but we were blessed when You entered into our lives.
    Especially in particular moments You know exacly what to say.
    Hope to see You sono!


    1. HI Adriana,

      Thanks. Yes I was blessed marrying Alessandra. I am so glad to be welcomed by you all as well. We will be with you sometime this summer, likely sometime in August. Looking forward to it. Please let Luca know I have gone hunting a few times, but alas not even a squirrel!!



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